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Kaydo, Wolford lead Warriors to 13-1 win over Dragons

By Brendan Feeney-Star Beacon, 04/12/18, 2:15PM EDT


SAYBROOK TOWNSHIP — After watching strike two pass by to create an 0-2 hole, Edgewood’s Hunter Kaydo stepped away from the plate, took a breath, then dug back into the cold, yet muddy batter’s box during the second inning of Edgewood’s 13-1 win over Lakeside on Wednesday afternoon.

Her team down 1-0 with one out and two runners on in the bottom of the second inning, Kaydo battled back to a full count before drawing ball four and loading the bases for Triana Wolford.

Wolford then smacked the ball toward Lakeside’s right fielder, who was unable to make the play, allowing two runs to score and opening the door for a seven-run inning. Had Kaydo never forced her way back from an 0-2 count, the Warriors would’ve had two outs, giving the Dragons an opportunity to prevent Edgewood’s game-changing seven-run inning from ever happening.

“It was a good at bat for (Kaydo),” Edgewood coach Joel Laughlin said. “We always tease Hunter because her strike zone is from the top of her shoes to over top of her head. She goes up there swinging all the time. … We’ve been working on discipline at the plate and she worked really well at that which gave us a runner. And then you know, you saw how it followed. We hit the ball, they made mistakes and we capitalized on it.”

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