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AAC Student-Athlete Spotlight of the Week Q/A: Morgan Tenney-Champion Flashes

By Anthony Spano-All-American Conference, 09/11/18, 6:00PM EDT


Each week, the All American Conference will present a "Q & A" with one of its many gifted student-athletes from a participating AAC school.  The athlete featured must excel in the classroom and shown that he/her has gone above and beyond on both the field of play and by volunteering in his/her community.  This week's featured student athlete player is Morgan Tenney from Champion Flashes.

Name: Morgan Tenney
School: Champion High School
Sport/Position: Volleyball / Outside Hitter
Class: 2019
GPA: 4.0

Bio: Morgan has been playing volleyball since 7th grade.  She currently holds three school records for both career and season in aces, digs, and points earned.

What are your plans after graduation?   
I plan to attend college to major in Pre-Med and enroll in the honors college.

What is your favorite class?          
My favorite subject is Biology.

What do you enjoy most about playing this sport?       
The part I enjoy most about playing volleyball is putting all your hard work from practice into a game and hearing the crowd go crazy when you make an amazing play.

What type of volunteer work are you involved in within your community?   
I am a member of the National Honor Society, I participate in Relay for Life and I also volunteer weekly at the Windsor House Nursing Home.

What is the most memorable moment in your scholastic career?      
My most memorable memory was getting inducted into the National Honor Society.

What is your favorite sports related movie?       
My favorite sports related movie is The Tooth Fairy.

Do you have any pre-game/match/meet rituals?          
I don’t really have any pre-game rituals, I just try to stay calm, relaxed and keep my head clear for the game.

Who has the best nickname on the team and what is it?        
I’m the only one with a nickname and they just call me Mo.  It’s not really all that exciting.

Who is your role model?   
My biggest role model is Penn State Alum and Outside Hitter Simone Lee.

Do you have any special talents or is there something surprising about you that others might not know about you?             
I used to be a competitive dancer so I can do a lot of acrobatic tricks like backflips and handstands.

What cartoon character would you be?              
If I could be a cartoon character, I would be Minnie Mouse.

What is your favorite food?           
My all-time favorite food is Salt & Vinegar Chips.

What song best describes you or is the sound track to your life?      
Being a long time High School Musical fan, I like the song “Bet On It.”  I like the thought that no matter what anybody thinks, with the right mindset, you can bet that I’ll succeed.

Are you looking to continue your playing career in college?  
Yes, I want to continue playing in college.


Do you have a field of study already chosen when you go to college? Why that field?     
I want to major in Pre-Med to eventually become a Neurologist.  I have always had a love of science as well as helping people.

What team do you most enthusiastically root for? (any sport)
I am a huge Cleveland Indians fan (especially the catcher, Yan Gomes)

A favorite quote that you live by? 
“The best inspiration is not to outdo others, but to outdo ourselves.” - Anonymous

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